Our story

Isabelle and Emmanuel Achard are happy to welcome you to Provence in the hotel they have managed with passion for 27 years.
After studying business and taxation law and two years in London, they practised their profession as lawyers in Paris before discovering Provence, getting to know it and finally deciding to settle there. They switched to the hospitality business during the Spring of 1997 when they took over the Mas de l’Oulivié. After two extensions in 1998 and 2003, the hotel today has 25 rooms and 2 suites.
They worked to make the Mas de l’Oulivié a personable hotel, perfectly integrated into its surroundings.
First and foremost, they would like to take you beyond the clichés and standard references by divulging what the territory does not reveal at first sight. By sharing their passion for the protection of the nature that surrounds them, you might convert to a more environmentally respectful holiday mode.