The olive tree King of the Alpilles

Our 109 olive trees, extremely beautiful trees, bathed by the warm mediterranean light and swept by the mistral are the richness of the Alpilles as well as the Mas de l’Oulivié!
From the Oleaceae family, known as Olea Europa L sativa, the olive tree fully flourishes in our mediterranean climate. In Provence, the elders all remember the terrible frost of February 1956 which struck down the olive trees of les Baux de Provence Valley. The trees that survived differ with their unique trunk as all the others were cut to the base where 4 or 5 branches flourished.
Every autumn, our olive trees produce a DPO Vallée des Baux labelled olive oil which comes from the assembly of four local varieties : the Salonenque, the Beruguette, the Verdal and the Grossane.
Every year in October, the entire team participates in the Olivades and the Mas harvest is carried to the nearby mill of Castelas in Les Baux de Provence